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Enlightened Regressivism Prologue

This book can still be purchased at Barnes & Noble, and through several other vendors, but I retain the rights. It has been out for several years, and so I decided to offer it for free in a sectional format here just to try to encourage more to think about how our nation evolved from freedom loving, brave patriots, to whiney whimps collapsing to our knees in search of crumbs. You have the ability here to pick a topic and go, or read from the beginning. Thanks for your interest.   

When I began research for this book, I didn’t expect it to take many of the twists and turns it has. A lot of time and effort went into it, and some of it took me to places I’d never even considered going. From our own U. S. Constitution and The Federalist Papers, and comparing them to the Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels, to brilliant French conservative author Frederic Bastiat, - I read a lot of political opinions.

We looked into the history of the Robber Barons (all are not mentioned here). Who knew the Titanic was built and owned by a J. P Morgan company? - or that they knew the steel hull was suspect? - or that Morgan himself (and another well known baron) were supposed to be on that ill-fated voyage, but decided not to make the trip? I suspect I know why he didn't go.

A powerful corrupt Secretary of State, duty-bound to the Robber Barons did their bidding to ensure we got saddled with the EVIL TWINS, which are the Federal Reserve Act and the Income Tax Law Amendment– I call them the EVIL TWINS because they were born in the same year, can't survive without eachother, and, well, - are evil. This was the year our national decline began.

The political party nick-named “The Bull-Moose Party” lasted only for a few years. Was it only formed to guarantee the election our first socialist president? - Because it disappeared as quickly as it began. It was just part of a brilliant political- business plan that some might call a conspiracy.

A well known writer of the early 20th century was murdered at a young age, but very likely, not the way it was reported. You probably never heard of him – neither did I until I dug deeper. This would make a great mystery novel all by itself. The life and death of David Graham Phillps may be my next project.

We are now living under most of the Ten Planks of Communism as written by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. It’s explained here,  - and most of us haven't a clue. 

Did you know that our weather history data only dates back 170 years? "Solar Impact Deniers” (that's what we call people who believe man is the primary cause of our changing climate) claim that this short sample time period of a planet billions of years old is enough to confirm their bogus arguments to controll all that moves and enforce their Draconian regulations. There were major documented weather events prior to record keeping – we cite just some of them. Socialists and communists use this tiny sliver of time to enact rules, regulations, taxes, even force major lifestyle alterations upon us through their lies – and they even lie about the last 170 years.

In the past we had very little government interference in our lives. There were few laws, and minimal taxation was the rule. No longer. Merely because something is new, does not make it better. We must regress in thought to a time when our country was prosperous, happy, independent and strong.

There is a lot more here, you will have to read it to find out. 

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Christopher M. Barra

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