How to pass the unpopular Income Tax Amendment

The prevailing thought at the time was that the states would never pass the income tax amendment. It has been rejected many times before. They would never agree to it.

Remember the American Steel Merger? The illustrious Philander Knox, brokered that deal for the “Interests” He was the Secretary of State. All of the barons knew Phil. It is the Secretary of State's duty to oversee and pass upon all constitutional amendments. He will be the one to determine whether or not enough states ratify this income tax law. No one else will have this responsibility.

There were apparently not nearly enough states willing to pass on this. If any change is made, even as small as only a punctuation mark, the process has to start all over again. It will never pass. Surely congress will demand accountability of such an important amendment ratification.

Congress will not. As far as they are concerned, their constituents want this tax because they think the wealthy will be the only ones affected and they, themselves will not have to pay anything - ever.

Most of the people will support this tax amendment because they don’t mind taxing the other guy. People are always willing to accept other people's money for their own purpose if they can get away with it. Let them believe that. They don't have to know that tax rates and payers can change whenever the rulers want. Most of them don't think that far into the future. They are lucky they have someone else to think for them.

Still, there are a lot of states claiming to be opposed - absolutely against it. Sure, a couple of "errors" can be made, but with so many opposed, how can this be done? States do not want a more powerful centralized federal government. Surely they know that this tax revenue will extend the federal government's reach enormously and increase its power over the states.

The ducks are in a row. The Federal Reserve is just about in place for the bankers to rule the land. The tax law will be enacted to provide cover for the Federal Reserve. The charitable deductions will be woven into the law, the foreign loans will be guaranteed. All we have to do now is wait for the final bell to ring – but first there might be a loose end to tie up – or maybe kill.

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