Nothing Happens by Accident


Maybe Phillips was murdered by a lunatic music teacher who believed his family had been insulted. Maybe it had nothing to do with Phillips political writings or investigations. It could be that his murderer did conveniently commit suicide along side of his victim. Perhaps you are not so trusting and believe that he was the victim of professional involvement in the hit. It doesn't matter much, the result was the same and we can't change the past.

Phillips was dead and so there was no one to blow the whistle on the architects of the new world order. The demise of a relatively famous political writer / muckraker tends to take some of the incentive away from others who may have otherwise considered investigations of their own. There aren't many journalists, who despite fame and fortune, would jeopardize themselves for the sake of a newspaper headline. Only the most heroic would risk their lives for a good story. Could be Phillips didn’t realize how far they might go to stop him.

With Phillips out of the way, the robber barons and the corrupt legislators were now in position to run amuck with their plan to financially conquer the nation and later the world. Sound conspiratorial? Maybe it was just a fortuitous coincidence.

Follow the money; it usually leads to the answer to solve many a mystery. The rulers and their heirs for generations to come would benefit from their insider connections. This would virtually guarantee their status as impervious economic rulers throughout their lifetimes and far beyond - but it would take time, and they knew it. Was it a conspiracy? They would call it a business plan. Business plans are not shared with competitors; competitors being freedom-loving Americans and competing businesses.

Really now, would a group of powerful men take on a project of this sort knowing it would take many decades to accomplish? This is a concept that can make us doubt. Most of us can't envision working so hard, maybe even willing to murder and steal to gain something which we may only see partial benefits until far into the future. Seems like a pretty big risk to take for a generation of heirs we would never meet.

We have to remember that these people think differently. Their aspirations for domination would take several decades or more to accomplish. Unlike most of us, rulers consider not only their immediate children, but many generations into the future. Most of us are happy if we can manage to leave our kids a single house unburdened by debt to divide among all of the kids. Their goal is to maintain power and influence through as many generations as is possible.

For we ordinary working stiffs, such a long-term plan would be a very tough sell, but not for monarchs. How many pharaohs and generations of slaves did it take to build the Egyptian pyramids? They don’t worry about how many, only about who is in charge. Ruling is their birthright.

Recently deceased Senator Ted Kennedy once said to a news outlet that son Patrick was ready to enter the "family business". He was a 21 year-old undergraduate at Providence College and running for the Rhode Island House of Representatives. Ted wasn't kidding. That is how he looked at government. Many of them do. It is theirs. They own it all and determine its use. The land, the money, the workers, they wanted control over all of it. Their goal is to dictate to the rest of us how we must live in service to them by somehow convincing us that we are serving ourselves.

Dictating the micro-management of other people’s lives through governmental mandates is their calling; the world belongs to them. They intend to generate the perception of benevolent societal caretaker. They distribute whatever they believe their adoring supporters will accept as payment for their continued and absolute allegiance. They are the kings, queens, princes, princesses, dukes and duchesses, the absolute rulers.

Since they consider themselves royalty, it is not all that far a stretch to imagine that a century ago the beginnings of what was to become a Socialist United States was intentionally planned. Again, it doesn't matter the intention, the result is clear.

A capitalist economy benefits the citizens individually in ways socialism never can. The government is arbitrator of disputes, it is not the ruler of men.

The larger the government grows, the more powerful its rulers become and the more oppressive and overwhelming its policies. Rulers can not be powerful when the citizens have strength as they do in true capitalist societies.

We can believe that this is just normal national evolution for a mature government, growing over many years. We could believe it is a series of coincidences, which just happened to destroy our standard of living while government grows larger and stronger in direct and inverse proportion to our own declining freedoms and independence.

It doesn’t matter whether we believe David Graham Phillips was murdered by the powers that were, or by a nut-job musician. The result is the same, he is just as dead. To deny there was a financial plan, (whether it included the elimination of Mr. Phillips or not) is very difficult to swallow.

"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way."

- Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Apparently FDR didn't believe a major national transformation occurs by chance. Maybe it was he who offed Phillips – he was 29 years old at the time - just kidding – I think.

If you believe it was not intentional, then this is how you must explain the sequence of events:



The Banking Crisis of 1907 was not intentionally worsened for the benefit of the bankers. JP Morgan warned of the looming catastrophe because he was truly concerned for the public welfare, not because he wanted to make it more severe and earn an even greater fortune. His buying up failed institutions in the fallout was just a happy financial coincidence for himself and his companies. Morgan himself once said:

A man always has two reasons for doing anything; the reason he says he has, and the real one.” - Morgan said he was concerned about the hard working little guy who had his money in shaky banks. Why shouldn’t we believe he was concerned about the little guy?


November 1910,

Although it is well documented and proven that there was indeed a meeting at J.P. Morgan's exclusive resort club on Jekyl Island off of the coast of Georgia, with representatives from powerful worldwide financial interests; that they really were there only on vacation to hunt ducks. No one can know what was actually discussed in detail. The reference to "duck hunting" was not a bad joke on the rest of us. They had no intention of influencing national economic policy. They were just a bunch of rich guys who had a lot in common, you know, similar interests, hobbies, getting together for vacation, slug a few beers, and shoot some ducks. That Paul Warburg, who was in attendance became the first "de-facto" Federal Reserve Chairman was just a coincidence because he was a brilliant money man.


January, 1911,

David Graham Phillips was just a misguided scribe who had axes to grind against a government which he hated. He wasn't on to anything at all, he was an unhinged conspiracy fantasist. His murder in January of 1911, just a few months after the Jekyl Island meeting and a only two years before the birth of the Evil Twins was just an unfortunate event that happened to end his writing and his life. He was merely the targeted victim of an angry music teacher who believed his family was insulted by the fictional novel "The Life and times of Joshua Craig". The subsequent suicide of his reported killer, was just more proof that Goldsborogh himself was mentally unstable.

This murder had nothing to do with Phillips uncovering the plot to pay to institute the tax code through the 16th Amendment, and pass the Federal Reserve Act ultimately when most of the opposition to it was away for Christmas holiday. After all, there is no proof, report, or even a hint of a suggestion that it might have been a professional hit.



That the Bull-Moose party formed out of a public uprising without any financial help from those who were to benefit most from the election of a socialist president, but because so many ordinary people just adored Teddy Roosevelt. Their goal was to run Teddy for President, end women’s suffrage and institute bigger government social programs. This was before Al Gore invented the Internet, before television, and radio talk shows. It was the day of slow news and travel - but still, it could have happened. The result of the two conservative mostly capitalist candidates splitting the presidential vote, neither of whom would have likely allowed the changes, resulted in the first really big-government socialist president, Woodrow Wilson. That part is undeniable fact, but sure, it could be just another coincidence.


1910 - 1914

That the Carnegie (charitable) Corporation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Morgan Library, were formed for the reasons stated: "To help humanity, better the world", not to avoid the tax which was to benefit them all through government guarantees. It was not to enhance their reputations or to buy sympathy or sway public opinion positively towards themselves and their businesses. It was out of the goodness of their collective hearts that they became so charitable. All of a sudden and almost at the same time was just a coincidence. They had a group epiphany, which miraculously transformed their reputations and themselves from greedy robber barons, into caring philanthropists with only the good of mankind as their newly stated goal. How liberal of them. How progressive in thought they were.


February 3, 1913

It is indisputable that Philander Knox worked very closely with the robber barons in business prior to becoming Secretary of State. He had previously brokered the huge U.S. Steel deal between railroad, oil, coal, iron and steel interests of Carnegie, J.P. Morgan, Rockefeller, and other robber barons into the largest conglomerate in history - U.S. Steel; but that was not relevant. Somehow, the barons were exempt from Trust Buster Teddy’s reach. Despite several states themselves challenging the count, Knox was not compensated for, nor did he intentionally and illegally conclude that some states, despite their claims to the contrary, had ratified the income tax amendment when they hadn’t.

Many state legislations continue to claim to this day that they never officially ratified the 16th Amendment to which Knox identified them as such. It was just a coincidence that he verified the passage of a formerly unconstitutional tax less than a month before he left his office.


December 23, 1913

The Federal Reserve Act was passed on this day because it was so important to get it done congress stayed beyond the time for Christmas vacations to vote. The reason wasn't because many of those opposed to it had already left for vacation. If any wanted to reject it, they should have stayed to vote. Those who wanted it passed, stayed; those that didn’t approve obviously didn’t disagree strenuously enough to bother to vote. Votes are taken regularly when some legislators are absent. It was nothing out of the ordinary.



Many countries abandoned the gold standard because of the Great War, World War I. They needed more currency to operate military missions. The U.S. also went off of it temporarily. This enabled them to create more fiat money because they needed the cash influx to defend their sovereignties. It was not part of a plan` to permanently eliminate the standard - it just happened that way - later.



Bull-Moose (Progressive) party is dissolved, apparently no longer needed. It lasted for less than five years. It was succeeded by similar movements, but the party that ran Teddy Roosevelt and got Woodrow Wilson elected, disappeared almost as fast as it began. Just a natural uprising of the masses - nothing more.



Great Depression. The moves made during the Great Depression that worsened and deepened our financial malaise and made our financial mess more severe than that of the rest of the world were accidental. The permanent removal of the Gold Standard in 1933 was just a natural evolution of a nation that needed more cash infused into its economy to continue to operate. It was not intentionally designed to worsen the condition, or increase the size of government. It did result in far more dependence by the people on the state, but it was necessary.



Lyndon Johnson and his “Great Society” was just a natural evolution of a more caring nation. The Voting Rights Act was simply a means to even the voting playing field; it was just a coincidence that it allowed for many more illiterate voters, more likely to vote for and favor government dependency. After all, illiterate voters are just as American as educated voters and should be allowed an equal say in who governs us. That it resulted in far more uneducated, low income voters who favored wealth redistribution and dependency was just a coincidence. After all, a nation should give the people what they want; even if what they want belongs to someone else.



Bill Clinton, another beloved democratic president, was no fan of capitalism and freedom. He felt the Constitution was an elastic document to be stretched in whatever way necessary to grow government. He also believed that the individual should be sacrificed for the good of all. Clinton advanced the idea of universal health care which was later picked up by Barack Obama. He also favored limits on executive pay; like Obama he felt that some people just made too much money, although he himself earned over 25 million dollars in the few years after he left office. I guess he means “other people” who don’t deserve to make too much. It is OK to keep it if personal wealth comes from liberal speaking events.



George Bush, a republican expanded the Earned Income Tax credit, and the “refundable child tax credit” which enables low income Americans who paid ZERO tax to pocket thousands of dollars in cash if their income is low enough and they have a child or two or three. So basically he encouraged families to download children they could not afford, intentionally keep their personal earnings low to qualify for the credits, and force the rest of us to pay even more for their existence. This is in addition to their other welfare payments. Some of these tax “refunds” can be in excess of $8,000 per year. It pains me to prepare taxes of this sort – but I do because it is the law and they pay me to do it, well they usually don’t pay me, in many of these cases I get paid from the “refunds”, which means it comes from other people who actually paid taxes.


Enter Barack Obama / Joe Biden

Hopefully this presidency will not be the final chapter of our nation. With the creation of so many czars, new regulations, taxes, universal health care, we are so far in debt, we may have to blow this whole thing up and start over. Maybe this is a good thing.

It really doesn't matter if we believe the robber barons had nothing to do with the creation of the Federal Reserve, the income tax laws and the dependent society we have today. The fact is we have it. The past is our history, it can't be changed. The future can be changed, but we can't rely on happenstance, we must act to change it.

Whether we believe the planning of our demise was intentional or we believe it was just a string of unlucky coincidences, what is important is that we understand that we have to do something about it and do it soon. Even if we believe the preceding summary was just a series of unfortunate elections and random financial happenstance, and that the pendulum will swing back towards freedom and independent thought, we can’t afford to hope and wait. We can’t sit back and assume everything will be all right. It won’t. We have to begin to actively turn the thought process now. It will soon be too late and beyond repair.

Although we have to start now, we also have to be patient. It took a hundred years to get to this point, and it will take a couple of decades or so to get back. Not all that bad in comparison, but we can’t just flip a switch at this point. We are too far and too deep into socialism to reverse course in one quick motion.

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