Class Warfare

A little bit here, a little more there, a lot over there. Under the Obama administration, and now Joe Biden, we have been thrown into the boiling pot of wealth redistribution, the objective of the policies is now much more obvious. He has made an error in judgment though. What he planned as class warfare of the poor against the rich has become the war of the private sector and its employees against those in government.

Conservatives should see this as a good thing, a great awakening. It is about time we have someone in the White House who can galvanize those of us who otherwise just ignore government and go with the flow; who go along to get along. Something is happening to excite conservatives, and we have Barack Obama to thank for it.

We are noticing that the slide to socialism has been going on too long now and it is time to reign in an out-of-control government, drunk with power. Funny thing is for those of us who held our noses and voted for John McCain in 2008 is that had he won, we would still be descending into Marxism, just not quite as fast. Why notice now?

We have to wonder if it isn't better for us in the long run that Obama won. His rapid fire policies, executive orders, hatred of the wealthy, and don’t bother to read it just hurry-up-and-vote attitude has awoken the sleeping conservatives. We don't really want to bother with politics unless we have to. We have families to worry about, money to make, jobs to be on time for. We just want to be left alone. The president is clearly not leaving us alone. We can finally easily see it.

Like a frog in hot water, the conservative is becoming very uncomfortable. Heat the water slowly enough and the frog will eventually quietly boil to death. We have been heated slowly for decades. Wilson lit the flame, FD Roosevelt and LB Johnson turned it up a lot, and BH Obama is kicking in the afterburners.

Drop a frog directly into the boiling water, and he quickly jumps out. McCain would have been slower heat, and likely an unsuccessful president. Due to the failing economy, a democrat would almost certainly have been elected in 2012 and would then have turned up the heat at least a little more. In time, we would all have surely boiled to death in the Marxist broth.

Apparently the only thing Obama doesn't know about is cooking frogs. He is tossing us in head first without allowing us to ease into it, baby toe at a time. Companies are being taken over; salaries are being capped, taxes are being raised, mammoth bills are attempting to be forced through without allowing time to inform the public or even allowing congressmen themselves to completely read and digest them. We are awake now. The water is far too hot to fast - so we are finally motivated to jump up and shout: "YIKES!! - too much heat".

Better we have this man in there now so independents, conservative democrats and disgusted republicans can see what socialism / fascism / communism is really all about. Even they were surprised he would accuse a white police officer for "acting stupidly" in defense of his radical black friend without any information. Even they know a president shouldn't bother with such mundane and relatively unimportant incidents, regardless of who was at fault - but issuing a presidential opinion without facts or reports? Many are noticing that there is apparently no end to what this man wants to micro-manage.

Thank you Mr. President for your clear demonstration of Marxism; your circumvention of the constitutional mandate of the balance of power with the appointment of dozens of unaccountable ruling czars; and your ever-overreaching attitude. Without such brash actions, maybe we wouldn't have noticed as quickly that the water was heating up. You may have actually unintentionally saved this country.

Thank you. Our nation owes you a debt of gratitude for awakening and motivating the silent majority who have had enough of this and are finally realizing it. Had it not been for you, I never would have written this book. Thank you Barack Obama, for your impatience. Rather than deliver us to the alter of absolute collectivism, you have enlightened and awakened the sleeping conservatives.

Sure to some class warfare is simple childish wealth-envy. He is rich; he must have become so through cheating and stealing because I am not rich. It could not possibly be that I had the same chance as he had. Therefore, I deserve some of his ill-gotten gains. Tax the bastard more so I can get some of it. Our misguided president has been working diligently to ignite the fuses of the wealth-envy warfare mob. This tactic is taken directly from the Communist Manifesto playbook. It isn’t so simple anymore, but it is working to some extent, as the poor who pay nothing are demanding the rich pay their “fair share” which they define simply as “more”. When polled, these parasites upon mankind collectively seem to have no idea what the wealthy actually do pay, but are quite certain that they should be paying more.

Although there is plenty of misplaced wealth-envy in this country, we have a much clearer class warfare developing. We can’t help to be a little bit jealous of the wealthy, we realize that if the potential for accumulating wealth remains, it is a very good thing. There is another battle brewing and it isn’t so much the poor and middle class against the rich. Many admire the wealthy because they understand that it took effort to get there. It wasn’t easy, but it is still possible for us to accumulate wealth in this country. It gives many hope that it is possible for themselves too. Class warfare today is the private middle and upper class against the government because we know that public sector employees do not really work for what they have. No harder than we did at least, but they receive much more – unless you consider sucking up to an uncle in power hard work.

Mr. Obama has demonized the wealthy on just about every occasion in which he believed he had the slightest opportunity. They are selfish, they must pay their fair share, they should want to share, on and on it goes. The financial meltdown was all their fault for trying to satiate their overwhelming greed. He has accidentally ignited the fire under the real class warfare going on here in the United States; public employees and beneficiaries vs. the private sectors. He wanted to advance the cause of Marxism, but it isn’t working. What he has done though is enraged the private sector. He has amplified the animosity between the public (and quasi-public) sector employees whose unions continually demand more and more and those of us in private business are forced to paying their way. Again I thank him for that, he has unintentionally awakened the average American to the gravy train public employment and publicly funded unions has become.

Public sector employees have better pay, better pensions, less accountability, earlier retirements, job security, while those of us in the private world must worry not only if we will have our jobs in a year, but if we will be able to retire in relative comfort.

The public sector employee does not worry about retirement as the rest of us do. Doesn’t that make him far wealthier? - at our expense? He does his job, what there is of it, and when he is old enough he is granted a lifetime pension most of us can’t afford. They take our money away from us, so we can’t save enough to retire comfortably, and give it to him so he can. This has not gone unnoticed, especially recently. We have to fix this.

Class warfare is not the poor and middle class against the wealthy; it is the private sector against the government and all of the public employees. We have to stop this.

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