Czars: Unconstitutional Nobility


Our constitution clearly states in Article 1, Section 9, Claus 8:  

No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States:”

One could argue that “Czar” is not really a title of nobility, like Duke, Prince, King, or Queen. If it isn’t, what is it then?

Russia has had them for years, the people lived in fear. Now our government is loaded with them, and there are many who feel the same way in the United States. They are Freedom Snatchers, individualism killers, they are a big reason why rules and regulations are made here without debate. We obey – or face the consequences of disobedience to the czar.

The title itself offers little doubt as to who was in charge. No matter what the directive, there is no discussion of whether or not it should be obeyed. After all, “czar” (tsar) according to Webster’s dictionary, is defined with these synonyms: “Supreme Ruler of an Empire”, “Ruler”, “Monarch”, “Dictator”, “Emperor”. As a subject receiving an order from a czar, you don’t question it – you do it – or else....

If “Monarch”, “Emperor” or “Ruler” are not a titles of nobility, please, someone explain to me what it means to be a czar.

Barack Obama has appointed over three dozen at last count. What ever happened to: “Secretary”, “Chief”, “Head”, or “Chairman”? Not intimidating enough?

We now routinely identify the leaders of a specific governmental programs as “Czars”. When first I remember hearing of a current “American Czar” I was horrified. Czars were supposed to be fearsome Russian potentates. Cross them and regret it. We are now being conditioned to accept this designation.

States are even getting into the act. A recent example is a fine upstanding former lieutenant governor of a Northeastern State who had a penchant for commandeering state helicopters for personal travel. She was recently crowned the first state “Education Czar”. We are to assume this is because of her extreme intelligence, wisdom and integrity. Having heard her speak, I know this is not the case.

Why not accept the title “Czar” now, considering everything else we have been willing to swallow for the past 100 years. It is more than semantics; it is a mindset we cannot continue to endorse. This thought conditioning must regress from subservient subject to the state back to proud, self independent individualist.

Until my wife finds out, I am the czar of my house. Other than that, I don’t accept them. I do not recognize anyone as my “supreme ruler” or “dictator”, not even the President of the United States. Eliminate all United States czars.


Decline of a nation

We now have federal government taxes, fees and fines on nearly every conceivable activity and rulers who have no boundaries. We have additional levies by the local and state police hiding in the bushes waiting to pounce upon unsuspecting and otherwise law abiding motorists. We are shaken down at nearly every turn, by all levels of government in the name of ludicrously unlimited arguments for safety. We have so many government workers in all conceivable positions and trades costing us so much money that we can’t afford to fund our own retirements as ours needs must be sacrificed for theirs.

We have to begin to turn the clock back. We can’t do much about governmental obstructions in our lives or protect ourselves better in the future unless we actively take back control. We have to start with mental conditioning.


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