The Little Scartet Chickie

Many have heard the story of the industrious Little Red Hen. To remind those who may have forgotten, or perhaps were never told the story as a child, it was a fairy tale about morality and work ethic.

The Little Red Hen, as the original story goes, lived with a cat, a dog and a duck. She wanted to make some bread. She planted the wheat, harvested it, made it into grain, and baked the bread all by herself. She asked at each step along the way if her housemates would like to assist and they all declined at every stage of the process.

As the heavenly aroma wafted through the house, and it was time to eat the delicious warm bread, they all wanted some. The Little Red Hen was very nice, but pointed out that since they didn't help at all they will get no bread because they did not earn it.

The cat, the dog and the duck learned the lesson that if one works and helps, only then will they receive the fruits of labor.

The following is a different version of a popular fairy tale. Actually it is one of my children’s books without the illustrations. Maybe you will appreciate the satire. Unfortunately this is the code by which many of our government-worshiping friends live by every day - because they haven't really thought it through. Luckily for us, we have…

A New Classic - The Little Scarlet Chickie

Once upon a time there was a Little Scarlet Chickie. She lived on a farm with a Pretty Cat named Barry, Joseph, a Wise Old Duck, and a Big Dog named Nancy.

One day The Little Scarlet Chickie decided she wanted to make some bread. She asked the cat, the dog and the duck if they would like to help her, in each step of the process and they all said: "No, thank you" and were very nice. So the Little Scarlet Chickie made the bread all by herself.`

When The Little Scarlet Chickie was finished, The Pretty Cat said: "Hey, Little Scarlet Chickie, folks should share, and you should be neighborly like other folks, and give us all some bread. It is the neighborly thing to do."

The Little Scarlet Chickie said: "No, Pretty Cat, you had your chance, and didn't help to make it, so I won't share it with you. Neighborly-ness has to go both ways or it doesn't work for everyone in the neighborhood. Maybe next time you will help."

The Wise Old Duck puffed up his feathers and said: "Here's he deal, and its no joke. Where I come from we call it fairness. Share the bread, Little Scarlet Chickie."

The Little Scarlet Chickie said: "I'm sorry Wise Old Duck, but you didn't help either. Next time you can help me too, and then I will be happy to share it. That's how it is where I come from."

The Big Dog growled and said: "I want some bread."

Chickie said: "No - You had a chance to help too."

The Pretty Cat smiled, he had an idea: "We don't have to argue, we can all come together and agree. If we all share the bread, ¾ or 75% of all of us will have more bread, while only ¼ or 25% will have less bread. Lets all vote to see if we should share the bread. It is the fair and neighborly way. Voting is a good way to decide what's right for everyone."

After the vote, Little Scarlet Chickie still didn't want to share her bread.

The Big Dog snarled, showed her teeth and said: "We all voted fairly. It is not your bread now. If you don't share your bread, I will bite you and we will take all of it and leave you none."

The Little Scarlet Chickie said: "O.K., Big Dog, you do have very big, scary teeth." And so Chickie shared her bread with Pretty Cat, Wise Old Duck, and Big Dog.

They didn't live happily ever after because later that night, The Little Scarlet Chickie sneaked out of the house, ran away and was never to return to that farm house again.

The next day the Big Dog, The Pretty Cat and the Wise Old Duck were hungry again, and so voted two to one to have duck for dinner.

The day after that, the Big Dog ate the Pretty Cat while he was sleeping. She knew that the Pretty Cat was much too clever and quick for her to catch while he was awake.

The Big Dog soon starved to death because although she was very good at voting, she never learned how to make bread.

The End…

The reality today is that there are a lot of people in this country who follow the words of Pretty Cat, and believe it is just wonderful to have majority rule in every circumstance, regardless of property rights. They neither see the danger nor identify it as theft. They honestly believe that it is fair and just. Unfortunately, their vote counts as just much as ours does.

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