Several people have told me that I would make a great dictator. I am not exactly sure if it was meant to be a compliment, but the assertions have been made. Earlier we discussed how good it is to be king, I take this opportunity now to share what I would do if I were king, able to dictate policy by proclamation. A lot of us feel the same way, and could add a few more common sense proclamations to my list. Now some might take offense to the fact that if I could, I would institute the following dozen proclamations immediately and without discussion. What needs to be done is not determined by how many people believe it is right, but by what is right.

No one should rule for a lifetime, but maybe we can resurrect a few of our old ways we once lived under in the past. It worked pretty well before, why not get back to what works? Nothing here is new, but it is so old now that it is new again.

Fanaticizing now that I am in the position to issue these dictatorial mandates with the stroke of my omnipotent royal pen, the following are the most important executive orders I would issue before that disgruntled assassin’s bullet finds my temple. It would be worth it as I would have done it for the children – my own children – oh, and yours too.

1: No More Laws

“No new law or regulation of any kind may be implemented without the removal of at least two other laws, regulations, or regulatory departments.”

The removal of “additional” laws does not mean we can’t have new law; it is just based on simple numbers. We must reduce the number of laws and regulations forcing business to their knees, and limiting individual freedoms. There can be different laws, but there can’t be any “more” laws.

Eliminated laws do not have to be related, they may be archaic, but if any legislator wants to pass an additional law (which always restricts our liberty in some way) whether it be wearing helmets on bicycles, or washing hands in restaurant kitchens, even banning message texting while driving he must first come up with two others we no longer need.

We all know there are thousands of laws and government agencies and departments which can be easily expunged from our books – but they are not. It seems reasonable to me that if anyone wants to pile on yet another new decree or government bureaucracy bad enough, he should be able to come up with two we don’t need.

As more and more of our freedoms to be, to think and to act are legislated away based on morality, more and more are also taken based on the “public good” – or for the benefit of the “Collective” as determined by those in power. If the majority believes it is good to do something, then what right does the individual have to object?

A republic is a nation of laws. We are a republic. A majority does not have the right to eliminate freedoms from the minorities simply because at a particular point in time most people believe it is proper to do so and so a law is passed. We were established as a republic for a reason: so this could not happen as it had in other countries.

In a pure democracy, a majority can vote any atrocity upon any minority. Laws are in place to overcome temporary majority opinion; to protect the individual’s rights from others, including majorities. A right is independent of majority consensus. Majority can not vote an individuals right(s) away from him – that is what we were founded upon. Now it seems some want to ignore that little fact.

Lawyers have made a mockery of the law for decades. They’ve stretched it so far that it is hard to distinguish between the rights of one person and the impact on another. No more laws

2: No More Government Employees

“No new hiring will be allowed at any government position unless at least twice the cost of the new employee is somehow removed through terminations.” Simple.

Employees can move from one department to another, but if any new people are to be hired, other employees costing at least twice that of the new one must leave. Retiring employees do not count because their pensions are still on the books.

In the same line of reasoning as the “No More laws” order is the “No More Employees” mandate. Someone has to start to make sense; Why not us?

3: No More Foreign Aid

“No U.S. taxpayer money may be spent by the United States in any other country, or granted to any other country without passage of specific and temporary disaster legislation.”

We routinely funnel money to other countries for the purpose of developing our “good guy” status on the global front. Most of them who receive it seem to hate us for it. We forcibly take money from our own citizens for spending on the citizens of foreign nations. Our constitution grants no right of congress to take money from our own citizens to bestow objects of benevolence upon other citizens of foreign nations. (It doesn’t even allow it nationally, - but our own welfare state is another argument)

We are not heartless. In the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake, flood, tsunami, or any other temporary calamitous event, we can call upon congress to help out our international friends. This is to be temporary legislation only for money or aid in a way that is defined as temporary and it is to end immediately. We will not offer continuous payments of international welfare.

The billions of dollars we shell out every year for the purposes of helping our “friends” who never seem to be there when we have our own disasters could be better spent, or better yet, not taxed and taken from taxpaying United States citizens and their families at all. We can’t continue to be worldwide sugar daddy. Sugar daddy’s are almost always cheated upon by their dependent gold-diggers.

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