The Evil Plan

It is not possible to guarantee in writing the passage of illegal worldwide financial restructuring legislation. There are some senators and congressmen who are actually conscientious. The goody-goodies who say their votes can't be bought. Many can be influenced, but there still was that group who will never agree and will forever stand in the way and block this international financial restructuring conspiracy.

They had a plan for that too. It would soon be over and people won't know the difference. The congressional opposition won't resist much after the fact because if they do, they will have to admit they weren't even there to vote. It was so unimportant to them; they didn't even bother to show up. They went home. Imagine going home for Christmas when such important world-altering legislation is on the table! It will have to be considered only a minor bill, meetings not important enough to attend.

It seemed obvious that President Taft would not allow such legislation. He was sure to win re-election in 1912 – or was he? Woodrow Wilson was agreeable and he would definitely pass the deal. W.W. had already said he was in favor of banking reform because he believed it would help stabilize the economy. Don't forget, he was a college professor at Princeton, so naturally favored big government control.

There was a significant problem to be solved. How were the robber barons going to get Woodrow Wilson into office over the popular Taft?

There was no way that Wilson could beat Taft in the election of 1912. He didn’t have the support. William Howard Taft was a very popular president. He was expected to easily beat Teddy Roosevelt in the republican primary and then crush Wilson by even more than that. How could this work?

According to writer David Graham Phillips, the barons had a lot of money invested into this process, yet it was pretty clear that Wilson couldn’t beat Taft. In the slight chance Teddy Roosevelt upset Taft in the primaries, he also was expected to beat Wilson. Although Teddy was in favor of big government control, it was doubtful he would have allowed the barons to run it.

A more enlightened political view was needed here. Teddy will not get the republican nomination over Taft – they were pretty sure of that. What about a new party? A "progressive" party just for this election. Teddy will run on what will be called a Cow-Deer, or Gull-Moose, maybe Bull-Goose party or something like that. Something catchy that the stupid people will remember. The barons will help form it for this election only. No one would ever know they were behind it because they really didn’t want Teddy in there either.

How can another party be started? The solution was the answer to many problems. 


There were plenty of people who liked Taft, but would rather vote for Teddy if they could. What if a well-funded political campaign war chest for Teddy were to be started. No one will know where it came from. The people will believe it was their own "grass-roots" movement out of love for Trust-Buster Teddy, for the good of the country and all that crap. This is so easy. A bit expensive, but easy.

If a party were to be funded to support a candidate they have no intention of wanting to win, who would be the wiser? If millions of dollars were to be planted into Teddy's campaign coffers, anonymously pay for his train rides, hotels, and meals for him and all of his staff, who would know? The great thing about this is that if Teddy actually were to be elected, or if anyone knew where this money originated, they might all be tried for treason.

Lots of people love Teddy, others Taft. The result will be Teddy taking much of Bill's voting block away and Woody Wilson will waltz into office over both of them. The whole thing will be done in thirteen'. Wilson couldn't beat either Bill or Teddy, but he could beat both of them - absolutely, positively. It's a low-risk / no-brainer.


Another interesting element is that if some investigative reporter, maybe that pain in the butt Phillips for example, if some information should leak out that anyone else helped fund Teddy, they would never possibly make the connection that this funding was done so Wilson would win, not Teddy. It was a great plan; completely improvable.

The new party (Progressive Bull-Moose) would be formed primarily to run Teddy, that's it. People will believe it was a grass-roots uprising. Some people will glom onto it and take it seriously for a while, maybe even try to keep it going - but it will only hang around a few years at best. It can't last without money.

Some senators and congressmen will support it and actually campaign - at least passively for Teddy. It will probably last for a few years while those saps try to gain power, but will disappear eventually - when the money runs out. No need to fund it after the election. Without financial backing, it will just fade away. They won't need it any more.

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