Marxist Presidents of the United States

As hard as it may be for some of us to believe, the United States has had a number of Marxist presidents in the white house. If it looks like a socialist, walks like a socialist, talks like a socialist, writes like a socialist, no matter what party he may be from, he is a socialist.


Woodrow Wilson

The first Marxist president was installed by the robber barons for the reasons given above. There were three major eras of decline leading to geometrically increasingly more grandiose social spending. The darkest days began in the Woodrow Wilson administration under the thumb of the barons, when the Income Tax amendment and the Federal Reserve Act were passed. Without these tools, the decline could not have begun, the barons would have had a much rougher go of it.

"Property as compared with humanity, must take second place, not first place. " - Woodrow Wilson

 “The theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.”- Karl Marx, The Communist Manifest

 Or how about this one:

 "There is no higher religion than human service. To work for the common good is the greatest creed."- Woodrow Wilson

Wilson followed a president who felt a little differently:

"No tendency is quite so strong in human nature as the desire to lay down rules of conduct for other people." - William Howard Taft

Is it any wonder why the ruling class supported Wilson and wanted Taft gone?


Franklin Delano Roosevelt

The democrat's favorite president oversaw years nearly as devastating. FDR crammed through the New Deal, Social Security, tax withholding and dozens of other income redistribution schemes limiting freedom and property rights while requiring more taxpayer money be redistributed to other people through governmental programs.

FDR was enamored with the culture, people and methods of the Soviet Union. It was such a problem that he was asked by close advisors to please stop referring to Josef Stalin, the murderous head of the country as "Uncle Joe". The public might get the wrong idea - or was it really that they might get the right idea? He stopped.

FDR was behind the construction of many interstate roadways too, so he wasn't all bad, just mostly. Some of the money he threw at the problems of the Depression stuck I suppose it was impossible to spend that much and have none remain. Much was wasted in the wind and remained taxpayer obligations for decades to come.

Another thought. If FDR was such a great president, why did the Great Depression last so long here when other countries had less devastating effects and recovered much sooner? Right or wrong, don't we blame presidents for bad economies? - or do we give socialist presidents a pass on that? Apparently we do. He presided over the worst economy in the history of our country and yet he is revered by most democrats as the greatest president. Even republicans point to his "success" in ending the Great Depression - although that took World War II and four terms to accomplish. If the economy continues to fall at the current rate we could surpass the misery of the FDR years. I suppose that will mean we will build a pyramid in honor of Barack Obama (because we won’t have the capability to build anything more modern than that).


Lyndon B. Johnson

The presidency of Lyndon Johnson was another sad experience for freedom loving Americans. His admiration for FDR is clearly documented. He vowed to maintain those policies and added a few more expenses to our burden. He was at the wheel when primarily Medicare, and so many other social reforms and give-away programs were instituted or increased. Johnson was also behind the outlawing of voter discrimination other than age. Sounds wonderful, but this meant that even if one could not read, he could vote. Do we really want people who can't read deciding who's policies should rule us? Evidently there are many politicians who believe this was a great idea. He was also president when the poll tax was outlawed. After all, why should anyone have to pay to vote? A good reason, later.


Barack Obama / Joe Biden

From Obamacare to spying on president Trump, using the power of the justice system to intimidate political enemies, these two have proven to be such radical communists it is hard to imaging any American voting for them. This is the problem, the people do not realize the danger of Marxism.

Although all three above were all democrats, republicans are not far behind in thought process. It just takes a little longer for them to get there. For example, President Bush II, a republican, set new records for "social spending", (since far outpaced by his successor). The benefits reaped by an elected official based on his public spending is a tactic not lost on any government rep (or president) seeking re-election regardless of party affiliation.

Bush approved an expanded income tax rebate for people who paid no income taxes - so they won't have to call it what it really is - welfare. Those receiving the credits really believe it is a tax refund - even though they paid no taxes. Since they must file a tax return to get it – it must therefore be a refund. This is what a good government school teaches.

Another definition to consider: “Refund”

Real world: “Money returned to a person that had been previously paid.”

Government-speak: “Money taken from someone else and given to another through tax policy.”

No matter how we describe it, democracy, social consciousness, progress, socialism or even American capitalism, the communist influence weighs heavily upon our country and is beginning to stifle and will eventually destroy our economy. To deny that it is happening is to ignore the obvious. No, we are not completely communistic as Marx and Engels had hoped, but we are much closer than most of us would like to believe, especially to Engels views of the Utopian socialistic, murderous, intolerant society those young know-it-alls proposed 170 years ago.

An even more frightening aspect of our national metamorphosis is that today, many Americans believe in the principles of communism and socialism primarily because they haven't considered the oppressive aspect of it, only the "sharing" in the sandbox.

The world is different now, they say, people are more socially responsible and maybe collectivism can work in a more enlightened society. We just have to make everyone believe in it. Those who don't will have to be forced to comply and then it will work for the good of all.

After all, there can be no compromise if we all are to agree.

So, all we have to do is force everyone to love each other and we can live happily ever after – or else….

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