Part 8: Regress to Prosperity


The idea of “Regressivism” is to gradually reduce government overhead and revert to the level of freedom our grandparents knew. The preceding changes issued by my omnipotent executive orders would be a great start, but it doesn’t look like our leaders have the motivation to do what is right for us. The following five main adjustments necessary are outlined in the following pages.


1 – Weaning Off Welfare – 25 Years. We did without it completely for many years, we can again. Welfare has become a permanent lifestyle for many; we can return this to sanity with the right long-term approach. This solution is meant to appeal even to those on welfare. Some say it is brilliant, oh – maybe that was me.


2 – Voter Registration Requirements – Voters used to have to prove they could read, or that they had some skin in the game - they should again. A voter who’s primary motivation is to acquire as much as possible from the public treasury without contributing is destructive to the health of our country. This has to change.


3 – Tax Overhaul – The Fair Tax – We had no income tax for over a century – again nothing new. We know we have to fund government, like it or not. There is a much better way to collect money than through the current system consisting of mounds of unintelligible federal income tax code, 80,000 pages of laws, explanations, and examples explaining the details to ensure no one really completely understands it.


4 – Government Employee and Pension Overhaul – Federal, state and local government jobs and pensions weren’t always the golden parachutes they are today. If we don’t address this disparity very soon, we will have a far worse situation when the private sector can’t survive because they must support the ever-growing gluttonous financial appetite of the public employees. Here again, it wasn’t always this way.


5 – Term Limits – Congressmen once did their duty for a few years and then went home to their families. Sure times are different now, but the reality is that this is now an impractical situation. We can modify it without their consent, but we also need them to fight less about changing it. The proposed plan should satisfy both our need to make them leave as well as their desire to stay forever. Impossible? – not with the right strategy.